1. Before the Job Offer Negotiation began in class, what were you expecting in terms of:a. Process          b.  Timelinesc. Outcome? (1 mark) (I was in the manager role)
2. Did the negotiation unfold the way you originally expected? Why or why not? What did you find mostsurprising or interesting about the process? (1 mark) (I was expecting the applicant to ask for higher wage but we settled for 68 000 pay, 5000 in possible bonusses, 15 day vacation, 6000 moving expence, 3 days flex day and company cellphone) 
3. What happened with the negotiation that positively and negatively affected the negotiation? (1 mark) 
4. Do you believe that you can negotiate without making concessions? Please refer to specific examplesfrom the Bring Home the Sluggers Video to support your opinion. (2 marks) (The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating Bring Home the Sluggers)