Leadership and Group Collaboration

Leadership and Group Collaboration ScenarioUse the following scenario as a basis to complete the assessment.Imagine that you were hired for the job that you applied for at Western Medical Enterprisesand you have been working there for a few months. One day your boss stops by your officeand says the following:Hi, I just have a couple of minutes. Please forgive me for stopping in without advancednotice. We got the results of a recent employee survey at one of our remote clinics –Lakeland. The survey indicates we have some issues to address. The data show 75percent of the employees have concerns about at least one of the following: diversityissues, workplace incivility, and poor work-life balance.Senior leadership has asked me how I plan to respond, and my first inclination is to putyou in charge of assembling a team to address one of the issues. You havedemonstrated effective organizational and communication on other projects and I thinkyou will be a great asset as we moved forward.I have to run right now, but I’ll send you an e-mail with more information before I leavetoday.See you later!Subsequent E-mailThanks for carving out a few minutes for me this morning. I just want you to know thatthis is really a great opportunity for you. I know you have been interested in taking stepsto becoming a leader in this organization and now it’s time to realize your potential.As you know we opened the Lakeland Medical Branch Clinic to serve area residentswho were unable or unwilling to use the services offered at the main hospital. The firsttwo months of operation saw strong patient volume. Since then, the numbers havedropped off dramatically. This prompted leadership to start asking some questions whichlead to the internal survey that I mentioned yesterday.I just met with leadership and they determined that the priority right now is the diversityissue because we have the opportunity to improve outcomes for both employees and thecommunity.This is part of an e-mail I got from the clinic director last week:“. . . after careful examination of all aspects of the organization and talking withsome neighborhood leaders we have concluded that residents in the communitydo not feel comfortable coming to the clinic. It seems the staff are lacking theability to develop a trusting relationship with the residents primarily because theydo not understand the cultural values and norms. The neighborhood residents,which you know are predominantly Haitian, often feel their beliefs, values, andhealth practices are not understood.When staff members were hired, we only considered their past workexperiences, education, and potential. We may have failed to fully consider theirability to work with diverse populations.”This information is intended to give you a better understanding of the issues to beaddressed. Time to get started as things need to move quickly.I want you to assemble a committee to clearly define the problem and ultimately provideguidance on solutions. Before introducing you to the clinic director and executive team, Iwant to review your approach specific to leadership and collaboration.I want two things from you in a written document (Use the Leadership and GroupCollaboration Template). The first part is just for me, but the second part I intend toshare with the clinic director.First, identify and analyze a leader you would choose to lead a project like this andexplain why. It can be anyone that is qualified. Considering someone that you knowpersonally may give you greater insight and depth of knowledge. Consider how he orshe inspires a shared vision, challenges the process, enables other to act, encouragesthe heart, and faces challenges and opportunities. Then select one of the characteristicsor traits that make them successful and compare it to your own. Your choice will tell mea lot about your leadership approach and priorities.My second request is related to your leadership and fostering of teamwork andcollaboration among a group of interdisciplinary professionals. We are looking for 4–6members to serve on a committee who will be considering the diversity issue andultimately making a recommendation on how to address it. I want you to:• Describe your role and style in leading the group (750–1,000 words). How willyou lead and communicate? Will you be an authoritative, collaborative,democratic, servant, or transformational type of leader? Analyze the strengthsand weaknesses of your approach in the context of this project.• Describe how you would facilitate collaboration to maximize team effectiveness(750–1,000 words). You might consider:o Communication technologies.o Practices (accountability, decision making, delegating).o Techniques for sharing information and ideas.o Share other ideas you might have.Remember this information will be shared with the clinic director so keep it clear,focused and professional. Creativity is important; however, we want to be sure that yourideas and approaches align with current healthcare organization trends and practices, soinclude references from current academic or professional resources to support youpoints.