Leadership and Management Strategy Presentation

For this assignment, select a hospitality company and review its mission and vision statements. Imagine that you have just been hired as the new administrator who is now tasked with not only introducing yourself to all employees but also explaining how you plan to showcase your leadership and management strategies as their administrator. Create a PowerPoint presentation of 12-15 slides for your new employees that correlates strategic management and leadership fundamentals with the objective of accomplishing the company’s mission and vision.
Address the following in your presentation:

Express how the mission and vision translate into attainable goals for employees at all levels of the operational structure.
Propose and explain intrinsic and extrinsic strategies that facilitate employee motivation to accomplish the mission and vision goals.
Explain how leadership style is critical to effective management in assuring that employees at all levels work together as a team.
Explain how properly led and motivated employees are critical to ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty in the hospitality industry.
Be creative and concise in your presentation. Provide specific examples when possible. Employees are typically already familiar with the mission and vision but what about your specific leadership style do want to share with them?

Include at least three relevant references in this assignment.