Leadership Audit Analyses

You will submit 1, 9-page paper during this course that contain a personal analysis (sample provided) pertaining to the various leadership audits stemming from the Malphurs textbook readings.
Each paper must contain a 1-page introduction, 1 page per audit, and a 1-page conclusion describing 2 personal action points stemming from the analysis.
A current Turabian style title page, pagination, footnotes, and bibliography are also required. If you are a student in a program other than Seminary, use current APA or AMA citations and formatting.

Module/Week 4 includes the following audits:

Christian Leader: p. 173
Servant Leader: p. 180
Credibility: p. 182
Spiritual Gifts: p. 184
Natural Gifts: p. 191
Passion: p. 193
Character Audit (men): pp. 195