Leadership Culture

Leaders And Their Stories
 Choose 2 influential leaders from 2 different cultures who made a far-reaching difference in the world. Identify the personal dispositions, values and skills that have made them iconic, and examine what life experiences and societal forces shaped their leadership philosophy and success. Try to provide insight into how these leaders made decisions, resolved ethical dilemmas and supervised others. What did they have in common and what was different?
Support all assertions with proper scholarly research, using at least 5 references (scholarly articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals). Proper APA formatting is expected (cited sources, cover page, reference page, etc.). Recommended paper length is 3-5 pages, not including cover page and/or references page(s). Your submission should be presented in the form of a business document.  Presentation counts!
Submit your paper using the Turnitin link above, anywhere else will not be read or graded