Leadership Effectiveness Paper

Leadership Effectiveness Paper: 
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding of leadership by applying the concepts from class to your personal life and professional career. The paper should present and explain your understanding of the concepts studied throughout the course and illustrate your plan of action as to how you will implement these concepts into your future leadership experiences.
Due: The paper and presentation are due in week 7 via Moodle.
Submission criteria: 2300 – 2500 words, double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12-point font, APA format, and integration of citations from at least 5 references (one reference may be the textbook).
The paper should include five sections:
Section I: Leadership Importance
A.  Importance of Effective Leadership
      Explain the importance of effective leadership in organizations.
B.  Leader Development
      Explain how leaders can develop future leaders within their organization.
Section II: Leadership Concepts
       Define and discuss three (3) major leadership concepts presented in the course that you find of great importance.
Section III: Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
       Assess your strengths and weaknesses related to any the of the major leadership concepts that you defined and   discussed in Section II.
Section IV: Leadership Plan
       Consider your self-identified leadership strengths and weaknesses (re: Section III), then elaborate on how you may  effectively employ your strengths while developing your leadership weaknesses.  
Section V: Developing Others
       Identify and explain how you plan to put into practice at least three (3) methods of developing others to improve their workplace effectiveness.
The grading for this paper will include proper spelling, grammar, APA formatting, as well as the components above. Please see grading rubric available via Moodle for details concerning specific grading criteria for your paper.