Leisure Motivation & Leisure Time Log Assignment

So what does it take to live a good life? After you watch the film reflect on this question and write what you learned about living a good life based on the 6 individuals discussed in the film. In your reflection makes sure included examples from the individuals in the film (please use the individuals names), discuss leisure activities shown in the film, lastly discuss what leisure motivations/benefits were discussed in the films. Use this weeks lecture to help guide you. The film does not necessarily use the same leisure benefit terms as the textbook (Freedom, Intrinsic Meaning, Happiness, Pleasure, Play, Humor, Relaxation, Solitude and Silence, Ritual, Commitment, Risk, Spirituality). Therefore, you will have to interpret what you watched in the film and decide what leisure benefit types were represented in the film. I highly recommend you complete the reading and lecture before watching the film to be more successful in writing your reflection. Your reflection paper should be at least one full page in length, double spaced, 12-point font.