List all references in apa format and in alphabetic order.

Connect the above video with the uploaded pdf on any of the issues of the Plantation Complex(multiple or single) and 4 additional references.
When writing your Topic Papers use a minimum of 6 references (one is Tauger or the uploaded article, and the other 4 are articles or videos about the agriculture issue).
Must be a minimum of 800 words, and discuss the topic with at least 5 citings (quotes or paraphrase) from sources in APA. Each source must have at least one citing (APA) in the Topic Paper.
No abstract page is required.
Write using the rubric, APA and assignment guides.
Submit early in case you have internet problems.
List all references in APA format and in alphabetic order.
Minimum 5 sentences per paragraph.
The goal is for you to use your text or PowerPoints, and other agricultural research articles/and or/ videos when writing.
1. Use examples if necessary to further elaborate.
2. Don’t assume the link/connection is clear. Please make the connection clear even if it seems obvious.

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