Literary Analysis on Sula

A clearly articulated thesis that states,somewhere in your introduction, the assertion (position, interpretation) thatyour paper will prove
An introduction, a minimum of 3 body paragraphs,and a conclusion
At least two quotes from the novel itself thatare integrated into your discussion
At least two citations of outside sources (suchas literary criticism on the novel). At least one source should come from theMDC databases. All sources must be academic.
Topic sentences that focus the discussion of thebody paragraphs
 Examples, details, explanations in the bodyparagraphs that clearly support your thesis
Clear connections between ideas from paragraph toparagraph and within paragraphs
Proper MLA style format in the heading, in the in-textcitations, and in the Works Cited page (see the template for the heading andmargins in this lesson)
Works Cited page includes articles from twosources and from the novel for a minimum of three total listed sources
Standard usage, grammar, and mechanics