Literature Review

Review the 6 sources cited in your annotated bibliography
I. Introduction In the introduction you should:
A. define or identify the general topic, issue, or area of concern point out
overall trends in what has already been published
B. establish your point of view for reviewing the literature [Include
your research question!]
C. indicate the organization of the review
II. Body In the body you should:
A. group research studies and other relevant literature according to a
common theme [for example, you may find prevailing theories and/or
practices involved with your research; you can use these as thematic
sections for the body of your literature review]
B. summarize each item of the literature appropriately according to its
C. compare and evaluate each item of the literature
D. provide topic sentences at the beginning of paragraphs and summary sentences at the end of sections to help the reader understand what the main
issues are
III. Conclusion In the conclusion you should:
A. summarize the literature maintaining the focus presented in the
B. evaluate the current”state of the art”[or state of the topic that represents
your research question] [by] pointing out gaps in the literature,
inconsistencies and issues that are important for future study
C. conclude by giving some insight into the relationship between your topic
and a larger area of study or area of professional practice