Literature Review

Using the PICOT Question you developed in Assignment 1, and the Matrix you completed in Assignment 2, complete a brief literature review on this issue. Your Literature Review should include a title page, an introduction, your PICOT question, your search history, an analysis in APA format of the articles you reviewed for your Matrix, the strengths and gaps you noted in the literature on this topic, and your conclusion of your literature review. The scoring guidelines for this assignment are provided below. This entire assignment is worth 100 points:

This is an individual assignment consisting of a paper limited to 10 total pages, including a title page and reference pages.
Provide an introduction for your paper.
Provide your PICOT Question from Assignment 1.
Provide a brief review of your search history to include terms used, and the number of articles located.
Provide a Literature Review utilizing the ten articles you identified in Assignment 2. 
Identify the strengths and gaps noted in your review.
Provide a Conclusion for your paper.
At least ten references should be identified in the paper and references page.
Use proper grammar/spelling/and APA format guidelines. Include an introduction and Conclusions section for your paper. This paper is limited to ten pages total, including your title page and references page(s).