Making Mass Communication Work For You/Latest answer 2022

Networking used to mean expensive, time-consuming traveling half way across the country to meet people at an annual conference.  Now we have networking and collaboration via LinkedIn, with professional profiles on display, as well as Instagram and Facebook, podcasts, blogs, and real time audio/video chats, all from the convenience of our couch. You  will consider the many ways self-branding and user-generated content plays a role today. You will also consider which is the best platform to showcase your talents and skills, and where best to invest your time in online image management.To prepare :Read the Communication Program Discussion Guidelines.Read “Personal Branding 101: What It Is and Why You Need One…Now” in this week’s Learning Resources.Watch “Personal Branding: What is a Personal Brand?” in this week’s Learning Resources.Watch “The Making of Two Blogs” in this week’s Learning Resources.Review the various platforms for user-generated content.Think about different areas of self-branding (small business, LinkedIn profile, Instagram, podcasts, blogs, and interviews).
Write addressing the following questions please include citing
How can you create a personal brand using user-generated content?If you were to create a personal brand, what would your brand be, and which platform(s) would you use?Why did you choose the platforms you selected to brand yourself?  Why would they be better than others?
Only use the references belowRequired Readings