Marketing Paper: Brand Loyalty

You will write 1000 words minimum on brand loyalty. An expert in this field is Frederick Reichheld who has written several books on this topic including The Loyalty Effect or Loyalty Rules. As he stated, “Without trust, there can be no loyalty – and without loyalty, there can be no true growth.” Again, this course has a customer-centric marketing emphasis. Your HBR package has an article by author Reichheld, but you are expected to research and find two other Reichheld sources plus two Marketing Journal articles by any authors to support your write-up on the importance of Loyalty. The premise of the paper will be whether or not brand loyalty is dead OR is it still important to businesses today and why? Integrate a Biblical verse into this paper and include a separate subject header / paragraph for this and how it connects to brand loyalty and being a Christian.

For your papers this semester should adhere to currentAPA format…and that includes the following:Times New Roman 12 FontDouble-Spacing with zero point line spacing (10 point line spacing not allowed).One Inch MarginsCover Page and Reference PageAnd more…using the current edition of the APA manual as our guide.In addition, it is expected that the following in your writing style this semester:Use subject headers for all papers – your reader appreciates and expects that level or organization to your work! You will lose points if you do not do so!No visuals in the paper – put in Appendix if absolutely needed. Do not put tables in UNLESS you developed the table yourself.Avoid “I” statements – do not talk about yourself, present facts.Deliver at least the minimum word count requirement. No contractions Use the templates as provided strictly – do not change or delete subject headers.No PDF files acceptedEach new paragraph – the first line of that new paragraph should be indented five spaces – please adopt this practice this semester – a pet peeve of mine is to see papers that do not meet this criteria.No extra blank lines between paragraphs – deliver a ‘tight’ paper! It is critical that all students are graded based on the same writing approach.If you use an online source, please include in the reference page the exact web link as I do verify all sources.Avoid using bullet points and numbered lists – write formally, in full paragraphs and full sentences only.No abbreviations – if you are referring to the United States of America, write it out…no ‘US’ – this is not good academic writing.Always include a cover page and reference page – you all do this, just a friendly reminder!Reference page and in-text citations must match exactly. Authored articles must be used to meet your requirement. An authored source is simply one that is associated with a person’s full name. No wikis, blogs, videos, podcasts, dictionaries, encyclopedias qualify as a formal authored source. It is fine to use a web site like the United States Census Bureau – but there is no ‘human’s name’ associated with that work. You may use it, but it will not count as one of the required authored sources you must deliver (as outlined by each assignment’s detail.