marketing project

This assignment is very much like the discussion exercises from Weeks 4 and 5, but in this case you get to choose your own commercial (or commercials if you think it is warranted for your analysis as in the case of using Chevrolet for the exercise leading up to this assignment).
In choosing your commercial(s), it does NOT have to be for a single company, but could be for a particular brand within a company. In other words, looking at the example we covered, Chevrolet is owned by General Motors (GM), which will have its own overall strategy, but I chose to analyze Chevrolet because they have a different target market (and therefore a different marketing strategy) than Cadillac (another GM brand). Plus, I believe it is conceptually easier analyzing a brand than a big company with multiple brands. That said, some companies have “feel good” commercials that try to convey their overall “image” as it relates to various bigger societal issues (such as the environment…but there are many others) as they see the strategic value in being perceived as leaders from a corporate social responsibility issues. The Body Shop and its VERY strong stance against animal testing would be an example, presuming they came out with a commercial that conveyed this message.  Another example (and one that I used in my lectures so it cannot be used for the project) is the Royal Bank’s “Make 150 Count”.
So, in choosing your commercial, make sure you can address the following:
What is the company’s marketing strategy? In answering, consider the concepts discussed in the lectures and textbook, such as what you think the target market is, where you believe they are trying to position themselves in the market, what is their value proposition, is the marketing message in the commercial consistent with the message they are trying to convey through other forms of marketing (i.e. promotions, in store displays, etc.) and/or across their commercials (the latter applying only if you choose to analyze a series of commercials) , etc.
Do they focus on tangible features or intangibles (such as emotions, status, etc.) or some combination thereof? Do you believe this is the right focus? Why or why not? If the focus is on tangible features do you think they should change to intangibles, and vice versa? And if they have a more hybrid approach, would you change it, and if so how?
Based upon your preceding analysis, develop what do you believe is the strategy of the brand/company and its Mission Statement. Be sure to explain your strategy by referencing back to your analysis. Remember that a brand’s/company’s mission, overall strategy, and marketing strategy and execution MUST be in alignment if the brand/company is to be successful.
Please note that I have no idea what any particular company’s or brand’s strategy is as they don’t share it with the public (for obvious reasons) so this assignment is not about a “right” or “wrong” answer. It is about working backwards from a commercial to develop a mission statement and strategy that you believe, and more importantly can justify, is in alignment with their commercial(s). As such, I am expecting a well thought out cohesive analysis that makes sense.
Submission Details:

Please include the URL (link) to the commercial(s) you are analyzing.
4-7 pages (8.5×11 size) in length, double spaced, 12 point font
Word or PDF format only (no .pages format)
cite your research sources using APA or MLA format (for format details see:

Please submit your 4-7 page word or pdf document in the “assignment