Midterm Adaptation Proposal

Writer Sheldon Wolin claims, the task of the theoretical imagination is to restate new possibilities. Inspired by our discussion on adaptation and the adaptations weve watched, select a play weve read and write a 5-7 page double-spaced proposal that restates new possibilities for that play. That is, students will put their own creative spin and envision their own adaptation to a classic play weve read. The proposal should outline (in this order): a) the title of your adapted work, b) a summary overview of your work, c) a summary of the original play (including characters, themes, etc.), d) an in-depth description of your adaptation, the rationale, significance, and relevance of your adaptation today.
Questions to consider: Who is my intended audience? Why is this adaptation important/needed? What new perspective does it offer? How does the adaptation respond to and/or reimagine the past or current state of the world? How might I make particular casting or formal choices to intervene in the canon? What year/time period does my adaptation take place, and where?