Mod 5 what would you do.

Think About It: disrupters to development come in any number of ways and can occur even in the womb. The things that occurred while in the womb influenced your own behavior from the things that your mother ate, to her stress level, her mental state, and exposure to elements in the environment. Those things can be disrupters to development. 

Image of baby

 post it bitmoji.jpgWhat Would You Do? Pregnant Woman Drinking
Students are to review the following video and discuss in two-three well thought-out paragraphs what you would do and why based on the textbook. Answer how specifically a newborn baby can be born with alcohol syndrome – it starts with the pregnant woman consuming alcohol, so what else is involved. Explain the role of the placenta and what happens when the fetus is exposed to alcohol. You must research to find this answer. Students must use concepts from the course textbook. Students are to develop answers based on experts in the field Students must cite the textbook and all sources in the body of the text- this is called an in-text citation