Moral Theory (Ethics)

Pacifica Dug Company spent $500 million developing a new drug to treat Alzheimers disease.  The drug is so novel that the company obtained a patent which means it is the only company that can sell the drug for a period of 20 years.  Pacifica is trying to decide how to price the drug.  At $600 per annual dose every Alzheimer patient can afford the drug but the company will lose money. At $800 per annual dose it can recoup its costs but make no profit, and it will be able to treat 50% of all patients.  At $1000 per annual dose it will maximize profits for its shareholders, but only 25% of patients will be able to afford the drugWhat would Kant, Mill, Rawls, and Nozick each say about which of the three prices Pacifica should charge?  What do you think they should charge and why?DO NOT REPRODUCE THE QUESTION ON YOUR ANSWER. NO NEED TO PUT YOUR NAME ON THE ESSAY SINCE YOU WILL BE SUBMITTING ON CAMINO.Follow this format in your answer.VERY IMPORTANT–WRITE FIVE SHORT PARAGRAPHS; NOT ONE LONG ONE.  Kant(limit answer to 70 words)Mill(limit answer to 70 words)Rawls(limit answer to 70 words)Nozick(limit answer to 70 words)Your opinion.(limit answer to 70 wordsAt the end of your answer please write down the number of words in your submission.