Most online newspapers, such as the seattle times, include an opinion or editorial section.

Part 1 (Due Saturday, September 3, midnight)
This Discussion Board activity reviews important lessons about academic writing and helps us prepare for our third and final writing assignment, the summary-analysis essay.
1. Find and read an opinion article online. Most online newspapers, such as The Seattle Times, include an opinion or editorial section. If you’d like to find an article via the CityU Library’s databases, please see the instructions below from Jenni, our librarian.
2.Then write a cohesive paragraph that analyzes the article and answers the following questions.
a. Identify the thesis statement.
b. Describe the evidence used by the author to support his/her message (thesis/claim).
c. Describe any appeals or logical fallacies the author used to convey the message.
d. Include a reference citation with an active link to the article, so others can easily review the original article.

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