Music during the romanticism

You need to write 150 Words and respond for the two other students paragraphs with 50 words each student. 
Can music really tell a story?
Watch and listen the following video and try to describe to the best of your abilities what the story is and write it down for discussion.
Read two other posts, read the stories and compare the results with your own. How were the stories different than your own? How were they similar? After comparing the stories with your original description, what was the music able to express. What was it not able to express?

video link: 

Student(post) #1:
As I was listening to this I had a notes tab open to wrrite if I hear a specific mood and instantly had a whole story from beginning to end. The music started off really dramatic then like enchating then it went to like a happy but rushed part and felt like there was a mix of emotions. Seemed like the darker side was taking over then like problem solving music and then the music was setting a mood for problem solving and like things were gonna be fixed but looped back to the same thing. Towards the very end where the music stopped it was like the darkness had won and that was it but then felt like the “hero” got back up and fought back and saved the day. I dont know if that made sence but that was the vibe I got when listening to this. I defiently belive music can tell a story obviously after what I explained but also back in the older days where tv shows did have people talking and you had to figure stuff out by the pace of the music and I believe there was a radio staion that used to do the same thing that my nani would make me and my sister listen too when we were younger. 

Student(post) #2:
of course it can. A great example is the charlie chaplin times. When movies didnt have sound,they relied on music to somewhat tell the mood for the actors. Another great example is A trip to the moon. It was filled with tension and you just knew what they were trying to get you to feel even without words. On this specific piano piece i can def tell the mood is very tense. You can tell by the way the artist is trying to portray the music,playing somewhat aggressive. And its almost like it keeps on getting more interesting,like hes tryna explain whats going on between an altercation or discussion of some sort. You can hear the ups and downs of the music and how emotions are just swinging back and forth.

these could be examples of how the discussion should look like.