My Midpoint Wake Up Call

Please see instructions below:
Also see the rubric details below:

Students will write a short essay response (minimum three-paragraph) in THEIR writing voice to the following prompt. The full Grammarly and NetTutor reports should also be attached.
      Clearly and concisely, explain what you have learned about yourself in this English class over the past eight weeks. Provide clear details to DESCRIBE how you have managed your course load by meeting deadlines, getting necessary assistance, and holding yourself accountable.

*What are some strategies that have worked for you? 
What are some things that have kept you from reaching your goal? 
What will you be doing to ensure that you successfully pass this course in these final weeks? 
How will you continue to make gains in this class to apply what you have learned?
If you have fallen behind, how will you make sure you do not miss any further assignments moving forward? (Helpful HINT-Break the questions down to create the paragraphs.)