Native Americans on the Great Plains faced a cultural demise

To get full credit foryour essay there are a few rules that must be followed: first and foremost,always use at least 1.15 line spacing, a very basic rule is that an essay musthave an introduction, body, and conclusion. First, give it a title.  Now thatit has a name, introduce your topic.  Setthe stage and give the reader an idea of what to expect: state the purpose ofyour essay.  As you move into the body ofyour essay keep in mind that the reader should be able to flow through theparagraphs with ease.  The firstparagraph should set the tone of your essay and start the flow ofinformation.  Each of the followingparagraphs will begin with a topic sentence that makes a transition fromprevious paragraphs.  The conclusionshould summarize the stated purpose of your essay.                    

 Afterthe Civil War and Reconstruction, Native Americans on the Great Plains faced acultural demise.  Write an essaydescribing that demise.
       IndianAct of 1867
       Changein Native American status in 1871
       BlackHills Gold Rush (1875)
       GhostDance in 1880s
       DawesSeveralty Act in 1889

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