naval strategy in the First World War

Students are required to choose a topic for their major research paper. You will need to presentthis topic as well as a preliminary thesis statement to your professor (by email) by 1 Oct 21.Students will prepare a major research paper of 3500-4000 words (not including title page orbibliography). Papers are to be typed in 12-point font, double-spaced with one-inch margins.They are to employ at least six academic sources (i.e. journal articles or scholarly books). Allsources of information must be cited in footnotes, and all papers must include a completebibliography of the sources used to write the essay, conforming to the Chicago Manual ofStyle (notes-bibliography system). Papers will be graded on presentation (spelling, grammar,citation of sources), clarity, coherence of argument, and quality of research.
The focus of the paper is Royal Navy build strategy and naval tactics in the First World War in the Battle of Jutland.