Need help with my writing homework on Definition of Facility Management. Write a 2250 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Definition of Facility Management. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Many examples of the positive impact that effective facilities management has had on success as measured by key business indicators such as cost/income ratios, product lead time and process improvement have been seen. Facilities management should be viewed as assets of an organization and must be valued as core business activities to offer quality service to the customers and clients. Initiatives to improve facilities, to sharpen the corporate image, to enhance operational efficiency and increase cost-effectiveness can have a significant impact on a companys performance. The facilities managers perspective of developing facilities in the hospitality sector deals essentially with the management of facilities to their best effect, ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction and ability of adaptation according to the changing circumstances. A variety of factors determine the image of facilities, and on a broader scale, the image of the organization. In the hotel industry, these factors can be listed as the building design and structure, location, comfort, furniture, equipment, parking facilities, safety, security, accessibility, additional facilities like gaming zones, parks, pool, spa and massage parlors, childrens play area, etc. Hence, the selection and procurement of these facilities can be the deciding factors of the image of the hotel or organization. In the case of multiple hotels or chain of hotels across various locations, national and cultural influences will have to be kept in mind while designing the facilities. Buildings of highly serviced nature such as hotels have historically been of a single-use type-difficult and expensive to alter. As the building or property forms the essential physical component of the hospitality product, altering the facilities or product profile is a major and costly undertaking. The property configuration is critical to achieving a number of key aims, including attracting customers, ease of operations and providing an&nbsp.acceptable return on investment.