As a way to engage both the historical and current trends of photography, students will explore the concept of the self-portrait in a contemporary manner.
Overview: Traditionally, self-portrait is defined as a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist. In todays culture, our society has become fascinated with selfie portraits. For this assignment, we will explore the idea of the self-portrait in a non-traditional manner.
Assignment: You will create a series consisting of 4 photographs that depicts and portrays who you are as an individual, without photographing your face.  This can be achieved by photographing places, activities, people, objects, or anything else that represents who you are as an individual. For example, I make art, am married and have 2 children, live in Virginia and have a dog. If I were to take a picture of each example, this would be a non-traditional self-portrait photographic series of my life. 
Required Materials: Digital Camera
1.      Read: Turn to the section titled, Photography and Art.
2.      Brainstorm: Think about your life and how you could represent yourself in a photograph without actually photographing yourself. You might want your photographs to be in color, black and white, or a combination of the two. 
3.      Compose: Using your digital camera, take 4 separate photographs of your chosen imagery. 
4.      Write: Write a short paragraph that explains your non-traditional self portrait series and how your photographs represent you. 
5.      Upload: Upload your 4 photographs and written statement to Canvas under the appropriate area for this assignment. 
Neatness and Craftsmanship: Your work should be neat and clean. Be sure that your photographs are in focus, straight, and cropped perfectly around all edges. 
alittle about me: I am a single mother with a wonderful son, I live in VA, I am a caregiver to indivduals with intellectual disabilities.  I love helping others and hopefully finish school to counsel individuals with mental health issues.