The last two assignments have highlighted various portions of your diet. Now, what would your healthy, well-balanced diet look like? What foods would it include?
This assignment includes two parts. You are to write a report that covers both. You should have a title page and include references if you need them.

Part I.
During weeks 1 and 2, you recorded and analyzed your dietary intake for 3 24-hr periods. Now modify your intake to meet the following dietary recommendations. In order to make the changes, you will need to use Cronometer. This is a web-based diet analysis program that is available on the computer, cellphone, or tablet. This will be the first time you use this program for this class, so set up an account and log in.
Your new diet analysis must meet these goals. These should look familiar. They are recommendations we have discussed throughout the class.

Calorie intake is within 200 calories of the calorie level recommended by the diet analysis program. Be sure you selected the correct activity for your daily activities.
All nutrients meet or exceed the target or limit. Be sure not to exceed the upper limit for the nutrient.
The source of calories from carbohydrates is >55% and the source of calories from fat is