O name of the healthcare organization and instruction.

Final CA Guidelines
HSM 361 PCA – Managing Human Resources in Healthcare Guidelines
I. Select a typical healthcare facility: hospital, nursing home, long-term care, Physicians Group practice or any other similar organization. Visit the facility and describe:
o Name of the healthcare organization and instruction.
o Mission, vision and values statements of the organization (usually on web sites).
o Organizational structure and organizational chart.
o Levels of management: top and middle level managers
o List designation and job description of key staff members.
o Compare their designations and job descriptions with their qualifications.
II. Hiring process or recruitment, training, and retention policies of the organization. Consider the following:
o Determining job requirement
o Creating Job description (duties, assignments, responsibilities)
o Job advertisement media: print, electronic, recruitment agency
o Reviewing candidates’ credentials
o Short listing candidates
o Interviewing shortlisted candidates.
o References or background checks
o Final selection
o Offer letter explaining terms and conditions of employment (temporary, regular.)
o Compensation
▪ Salary
▪ Benefits
o Orientation
o On the job training
o Performance appraisal
o Staff retention
III. Termination of lay-off Procedure.
IV. Maintenance of employee record.
V. Communication tools in the organization.
o Personal contact, verbal, e-mails, web-based, phone, meetings
VI. Identify gaps and deficiencies in the above areas and make recommendations for improvement.

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