Before I upload the instructions; there is a video that has to be watched and this is only 1 page. The second page are for the two bonus questions please label them as bonus question 1 & 2 and I do in the directions. 

View the following video: Teaching Students from Different Cultural Backgrounds 
In 1 written page, describe practices of an anti-bias educator and the ways this educator works with students from diverse backgrounds.
Underneath is the video for the above question 

Bonus questions are answered prior knowledge or research have nothing to do with video Bonus question 1: Community Understandings  Teaching in a community in which you did not grow up or with which you have limited familiarity can be a challenge, especially for a new teacher. How can you learn about a community that is new to you? How can you become engaged in that community? Bonus  question 2: discrimination in the classroom Have you personally experienced discrimination? How could you become involved in combating discrimination, especially in the classroom?