Paper in which you reflect on what you have learned in this unit about language, culture, and literacy

Write a 2-3 page, double-spaced paper in which you reflect on what you have learned in this unit about language, culture, and literacy. If you wish, you may use the in-class writing you did on Monday, 9/21, about your own language and literacy experiences and development. I was very moved by your writing and interested in the range of experiences you described. Although including personal narrative in an academic essay isn’t always appropriate, many scholars utilize first-person stories to anchor their ideas in their own experiences. One value in that for you as evolving writers is that you must think through connections between your own life and the new knowledge you encounter in college. To do so helps you “own” that knowledge and engage with it more meaningfully. The other texts you should keep in mind are Gee’s “What Is Literacy?”, Jordan’s “Nobody Mean More to Me Than You and the Future Life of Willie Jordan,” and the three chapters in Dorren’s Babel on Arabic, Russian, and English (note that the chapter on English is due the same day as the essay). You may also refer to our initial exploration of rhetoric (audience, purpose, text, context, and the appeals–ethos, pathos, logos).The challenge in this short essay is to make meaningful connections among these texts and contexts and explain to your reader how literacy, language, and culture shapes who we are personally and collectively, locally and globally. You need not refer to every reading (though you may if it makes sense) but you should incorporate at least two of them, including at least one chapter in Babel. Be sure to quote at least two texts, using MLA citation. We’ll quickly review in class but you can also consult Purdue OWL as a resource for citation styles and many other aspects of writing. The URL is available in Course Materials in Content.