Part 2 – School Core

Part 1 250 words expanded more on information processing and constructivist theories and cognitive theories on information processing and constructivism in relation to a digital flashcard system
Part 2
Write an additional 1,550 words that describes potential solutions and recommends the best option from among the potential solutions. Include the following in your paper:
A research-based description of two potential technological solutions that emerge from theories of learning and/or theories of cognition.
A discussion of the change processes that each solution would require.
A recommendation of and rational for the solution you believe to be the best for the situation or problem you described. (Note: Your recommendation must begin with “It is recommended…”)
Revision of Writing Mechanics
Description of Two Potential Solutions
Discussion of the Change Processes That Each Solution Would Require (for each potential solution)
Recommendation of and Rational for the Solution You Believe to Be the Best (for each potential solution)
Synthesis and Argument
Thesis Development and Purpose

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