Participated in categorising amoeba-like stimuli based on their internal features(eg. organelles). The features relevant to this categorisation decision weren’t revealed, so required to learn how to correctly classify the stimuli from the feedback

All detailed requirments of the lab report is in the file “PSYC20007 Lab report marking guide 2021”. Please go through the file and you can see the required structure and contents.
To demonstrate an understanding of Shepard et al. (1961)s origina experiment and findings, citing other relevant literature where appropriate to explain their results. 
In doing so, you should provide a rationale for the current study that justifies our predictions. You will also need to report the results from the lab report experiment and discuss your findings in the context of Shepard et al.s (1961) results and the broader classification literature. 

A template for writing the lab report, including the method section, is uploaded.

A good sample of lab report (with similar topic) is also uploaded to give you an overall understanding of this  lab report.