Pathology dissease Glaucoma

APA is a format that requires that you write your paper as a Microsoft Word document. It has some standards that you need to follow. The paper needs to have:
Cover page (Includes Title, name of author of paper, school, course name, professor’s name and credentials, assignment due date).
Abstract (On the subsequent page. It is only one paragraph the summarizes the paper. It clearly states the purpose of the paper). You can include some Keywords underneath.
Body (This is the most important part. This must be divided in sections. Each section develops one specific aspect of your paper and has a heading to identify it. The heading is in boldface and centered. If there is a subheading, then it should be flushed left. All information consulted on the different sources must be paraphrased and cited. You can cite it like this: (last name of the author, year of publication) if you cite it at the end of the paragraph. If it is at the beginning, it is different. (For more information, please follow the link below).
References (It is a list of all sources you have consulted. You can help yourself to cite them by using the following citation generator: References have to be alphabetized and with a hanging indent.