Persian Film essay

Select a film that is in the target language, English subtitles are OK. The film you watch should be about culture, daily life, history, famous people, important events, festivals, traditions, social issues, art, literature, or an award winning film from a country where the target language is spoken.
The film report is two pages long, written in English, standard MLA format.  Please send only Word or PDF format.  Do not send .pages, .txt, google doc link, photos.

Write a one page summary of the film.
Write a second page about:

Discuss the historical content in this movie: Is it presented as a major factor that influenced the events of the story or is it just happening in the background?  Explain.
Describe social issues you observed, or that were mentioned, in the film.
Name at least 3 cultural differences that you were not aware of before watching the movie. Explain.
What are some issues that the movie deals with? Are they specific to the culture or are they universal issues?
Can you name at least one that is specific and one that is universal?
Some Iranian Movie recomandations are the Salesman and Separation