Personal Philosophy Paper-Special Education Teacher(Autism)

: An Overview

Both SPED 400 and SPED 500 students must complete this
paper.  The personal philosophy paper gives students an opportunity to
critically evaluate their professional and personal views of serving children
with disabilities, examine the course of their professional training to date,
and demonstrate their ability to choose research-based strategies specific to
certain disabilities.  While not all students taking this class are or
will become special educators, this paper must focus on serving students
with specific disabilities in your setting, whether a general education
classroom, a counseling setting or in a speech therapy setting, to give a
few examples.

Those taking the class at
the undergraduate (400) level write a 3-page paper; those taking it at a graduate (500) level write
a 4-page paper.   Reference
page is an additional page, not included in aforementioned requirements. 
Please adhere to page limits–points are deducted for exceeding page limits.
The paper must be double-spaced and in a 12 point Times New Roman or Calibri 11
point font with 1” margins all around. References must be cited in the body of
your paper, as well as included in a reference page at the end of your paper.
Citations & the reference page must be in APA (7th ed.) style (no abstract, title page or running head is necessary).  

At least two references must be included to document your sources
in this paper. One reference must be one of our textbooks( I have the ebook)

Heward, W. L. (2017). Exceptional Children: An Introduction
to Special Education. Boston,

Massachusetts. Pearson. – Exceptional Children: An
Introduction to Special Education.

Username- [email protected]

Password- Allicanb37!


 and the others must be from
a peer-refereed professional journal (not a book, web page, magazine,
newspaper, etc.) published no earlier than 2016. You must use original sources,
rather than secondary sources, i.e., you cannot use information from an article
referenced in another publication, but must access the original publication
yourself. You must paraphrase. Do not use direct quotes.
The source for paraphrased material must be cited in the body of the paper
using APA parenthetical citation. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism.

The journal is attached to
the order

*****Since this assignment requires an instructional strategy, you’ll have to make a connection
to social skills and learning discussed in the article********

The personal philosophy paper must include the following sections,
and the following subheadings are preferred:

Students I Desire to Serve

Provide a description of the type of students
you believe you would like to work with or teach at this point in your training
(age/level, disability) and provide a rationale for your choice. You must
choose a specific IDEA disability category rather than all students with
disabilities.  This will help focus your search for instructional

I would like to be a special
education teacher for elementary students k-5th grade with students
that have autism. I don’t have any teaching experience thus far but this is the
group that I feel connected to as I have close relatives with that are on the

Instructional Strategies     

Provide complete descriptions of two research-based instructional strategies you
plan to use when you work with these students, and why, with
documentation:  (a) fully describe the strategies and give an example of
classroom use; (b) cover how they address specific weaknesses and/or
utilize the strengths of your chosen population(children with autism); (c) provide scientific
evidence (numerical data on the results of the study) of the strategies’
effectiveness; and (d) Provide proper APA citation for each

The attached Article Since
this assignment requires an instructional strategy, you’ll have to make a connection
to social skills and learning discussed in the article.  



Extended Professional Skills Desired and Plan for Acquisition     

Extended professional skills are those that reach beyond the
skills and competencies required for licensure.  Include a description of
two extended professional teaching skills you hope to acquire to best serve
your students and a concrete plan of action describing when, where and how you
will acquire the professional teaching skills that you have described. 

Personal Philosophy of Education     

Include a statement of your personal philosophy of general or
special education, including a reflection on serving diverse populations.
Please see the prologue (p. 2) & postscript (p. 559) of
the Heward textbook for suggestions on developing a personal philosophy of
special education.