Persuasive Grafitti Paper

Essay Length: 3 pages (900 words), typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point font. Number your pages, please, and give your essay an original title!
Assignment: Let’s pretend you’ve been appointed to a new Northern California Citizens Graffiti Advisory Board. The board wants to develop graffiti policy for our cities, law enforcement, and citizens and asks each member, including you, to submit a well-considered opinion of graffiti and whether it should be tolerated, whether citizens have any right to express themselves through graffiti, etc..
Your report to the board should be a persuasive argument in essay form that takes a clear position in the debate about graffiti/street art – its value to society around the world, and what, if anything, should be done about it and why. Remember an essay is a set of connected paragraphs working together for a unified purpose.
Develop and support your claims in your essay body paragraphs by incorporating relevant, in-depth ideas and opinions from at least two of the assigned articles on graffiti. To satisfy this assignment, one of your sources needs to be Michael Caster’s “Public Art, Political Space: The Re-articulation of Power in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia.” You should use one or both of the other articles for material as well: “Is Urban Graffiti…” and “Graffiti in Public Transport Systems.”
Don’t forget this is a READING and composition class! Use your careful and accurate reading and thinking about the assigned readings to good advantage in your discussion. Good essays don’t just drop in quotes; they discuss the ideas of cited authors in some depth. Strengthen your view by acknowledging opposing opinions and refuting, or at least conceding, them.
REFUTE: to prove a point or statement wrong
CONCEDE: to acknowledge something is true or valid though you are not convinced by it or have a better idea
Writing mechanics: 
*State your main claim/thesis at the very end of your essay’s brief introductory paragraph. Follow the handy Introduction Paragraph formula laid out in 1-14.
*Use your body paragraphs to argument main points in support of your thesis and to discuss ideas from the readings that assist your argument.
*End your essay with a brief conclusion that sums up your argument and why it’s important.
Documentation: Identify the title & author when first mentioning each source in your paragraphs, and use in-text citations in subsequent uses of information from the same sources. Here are proper in-text citation formats: In her article “Is Urban Graffiti A Force For Good or Evil?,” author Athlyn Cathcart-Keays asserts… (Cathcart-Keays 2) or (2). No Works Cited list is required.
Evidence: Rather than relying only on quotations, use paraphrase and summary as well, written in your own words. Very brief quotes are allowable, if the unique wording of the source is important to your argument (e.g. “strong lines”). Incorporate quotes grammatically into your own sentences; avoid “floating quotes” that lack a signal phrase.
Refer to the Module pages for information about thesis statements, writing to argue, essay introductions.
Plagiarism Warning: Absolutely no outside or internet research may be used.  Any wording that can be traced to Wikipedia, another website or unassigned print source will be justification for a grade of 0. I do not tolerate academic dishonesty. Think and write for yourself!
There is more than enough material in the assigned readings to develop a solid 3-page essay.