Physiology laboratory answer questions

Metric System and Math Review:
1.   What are the four basic metric unit of measurement?
2.   What are the derived unit prefix used in the metric system? List them all including how many times
they are larger or smaller than the basic metric unit.
3.   What is the equivalent of 1 cc of water to ml?  What is the equivalent of 1 ml pure water in grams?
4.   What is the best way to measure the volume of irregularly shaped objects?  List the steps.
5.   What are the most commonly derived unit of gram?
6.   What is the formula for density?  Give an example.
7.   Describe the different metric temperatures discussed in the lesson.
8.   What is the purpose of having international system of units?
9.   Why are you being asked to estimate first before actual measuring using your measuring instruments
when you are trying to learn about the metric system?
10. How do you solve for the medical range?  The mean?
11. Give examples of extremely abnormal circumstances that can justify leaving a measurement out of the
mean calculation?
12. How do you make percent calculations?