Consider these questions in composing your response:

Based on what you learned by reading the plagiarism resources for this assignment, what would you have done differently in terms of how you used sources if the assignment were due today?
Would you change how you attributed or referenced sources?
Our primary focus here is on plagiarism, but also think a little bit about the reliability of the sources you used, especially in terms of the last two required articles listed. Would you do anything differently today in terms of choosing sources?

Theselected topic of research is Does thetraditional communication irrelevant due to the dominant digital culture?We understand that the digital world is all about communication and response;therefore, the modern lifestyle has taken its core into the human lifestyle. Sometraditional channels might be forgotten. This mini-research wants to explorethe extent to which the digital has penetrated the traditional culture. Thesequestions target the senior-aged population who are well versed with conventionalcommunication before transitioning to digital. Their experience will give muchvalidity in the comparison. The subject matter researched is communication inthe digital world; is it so effective that the traditional ones becomeirrelevant. The area and time of scope are in Washington D.C; while the time isset in the evening, the people are relaxing from the daily workload. Thelimitation of the study is assuming that the people will be honest in theirconversation as they will be discussing one thing they love: their phones.
Theresearch will also look into the extent to which digital communication hasinfluenced traditional communication. This will be done by comparing theeffects of both positive and negative.  Thesefindings will form the framework for the question to be answered (Liu et al.2019).  Variable factors will guide thequestion research to ensure that the two aspects of cultures are well exploredand demonstrated. The variable factors include digital accessibility,experience, and social contact. These factors will propel the research to adeeper understanding whereby digital communication will be investigated fromtraditional roots.

  do it based on this.
Liu, D., Baumeister, R. F., Yang, C. C., & Hu, B. (2019).Digital communication media use and psychological well-being: Ameta-analysis. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 24(5),259-273.

Be sure and consider both your use of text from sources and your use of an image, in light of your work in the previous unit.  How would you handle things differently today?