political action report

Assignment #1 Political Action Report
(Caring, Professional Role)
The purpose of this module is to heighten your awareness of the importance of the role of the professional nurse in influencing the political process. Understanding political process is essential to delivering quality nursing care. Nurses are recognized as advocates for sick and vulnerable populations. It is necessary to have a solid understanding of how laws are enacted. Keeping up to date on current legislative issues is imperative as legislators look toward us in crafting new legislation that affects health care. 
1.  Choose a current piece of proposed legislation at the State or Federal level.
2.  Identify the concerns of the nursing profession about this legislation.
3.  Express an opinion of the proposed legislation.
4.  Present your response to the appropriate legislator, if desired.
• Choose a particular bill for analysis; Use the websites for Mass ANA, ANA Political Advocacy, or GovTrack.us, or others to find pending bills of relevance to health care and of interest to you. 
• Read statements from both the PRO and CON sides for this bill. You are encouraged to phone your legislature and speak with an Aide regarding his/her opinion & rationale.
• Form your own opinion and support your statements with data and specific points.
• Prepare a brief report (3-5 pages) analyzing the pros and cons of this legislation, and your opinion. Be sure to appropriately reference your sources.  POST your report on EC Learn. 
• Identify the appropriate legislator; Craft a letter for your legislator about this bill; Use format provided in your textbooks!  (Use “add” button to be able to add a second file to this assignment)
• If you wish, you may send the letter to your legislature AFTER faculty have graded the assignment. 
Evaluation Criteria

LETTER: Choose a bill for analysis; Identify YOUR correct state or federal legislator;  Upload on EC Learn a letter to this person using CORRECT format as provided in your required reading.*Appropriate address & Introduction of yourself & the bill– 10%, *State your position and support with data.– 10%
* Provide a specific request with rationale in a few sentences.10%  total for Letter =30%

PAPER: Include the purpose of the paper. Provide the background of the bill. Analyze the legislation identifying concerns of the nursing profession, express an opinion about the legislation and prepare a 3-4 page report about the legislation. Provide viewpoints pro & con with sources. Use specific statements with examples, and data based sources to support your points. Address opposing positions.   40%
Introduction & background- 10%
Pro & Con of bill -15%
Present your view & rational supported by data- 15%

APA, grammar, punctuation, spelling; In-text citations and complete reference list included. Appropriate sources for information. Multiple sources representing various viewpoints.  30%