Practice Model Paper

Practice Model Paper [25%] (Signature Assignment)This written assignment will provide you with a structured opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge about a specific practice theory or model of your choice. This practice theory or model should be drawn from your Walsh textbook and include examples such as person-centered theory, behavior theory, and motivational interviewing to name just a few. If you would like to choose another practice theory or model that is not in the Walsh textbook, you need to receive approval from your instructor first. The paper should be 7-8 pages and in APA format, double-spaced, in 12-point font with 1-inch margins and page numbers, and a title and reference page. You must integrate eight citations drawn from the readings in the class as well as outside sources (e.g. books, peer-reviewed articles, and professional websites). Four of these citations need to come from peer-reviewed articles. Please note, the instructor will not accept papers that do not have a references page. It is highly recommended that you read the grading rubric in detail as it indicates what you need to do specifically to earn points for this assignment.Your paper will include the following sections. Address the questions under each section. Use style headings to divide your paper in each section.1. Introductiona. What is the name of the practice theory/model which you have selected?b. Who is considered to be the developer(s) of the theory/model? Provide specific names and dates.2. Practice Model Overviewa. What is the basic philosophy (nature/assumptions) of the theory/model?b. What are key concepts?c. What are goals of this practice theory/model?d. What is the nature of the desired therapeutic relationship, i.e. between the therapist and the client?e. What are specific techniques utilized by the theory/model?3. Application to Diverse Populationsa. For what client population(s) is the theory/model considered to be appropriate? b. Has this theory/model been applied to diverse cultures?4. Evaluationa. What kind of outcomes have been found by clients that have received this theory/model?b. What are the major contributions made by the theory/model?c. What are some of the limitations of the theory/model?d. How suitable do you/others consider the theory/model to be for generalist social wo practice?