Project: Key Points in the Life of Jacob

 Re-read the Genesis account of Jacob. The biblical narrative points out some of the more interesting moments in the life of Jacob including the struggles he had with Esau, his brother, and the biased relationship that he had with his parents. He spent 20 years away from home with his uncle, an interesting time during which he gained a large family including four wives and a great number of possessions. Even his later life was marked by memorable events. He wrestled with an angel, was reconciled to his brother, and watched the difficulties of his growing family as he returned to his home. 
Design and complete a project that communicates key points of the life of Jacob. Be creative as you present his life. You might write a short story or a drama or post a YouTube video. You could compose a song, write a sermon or a research paper on Jacob’s struggles and life. Other suggestions include an illustrated story or sermon for children, but your project needs to present some of the key points of the life of this fascinating biblical character.
Projects will be graded on the effectiveness of their presenting various parts of Jacob’s life, but all projects need to be uploaded to this discussion board in a way that other students in the class can view them. Either upload your finished project so that it can be read or viewed by the class or provide a link where students can view your completed project.