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Recently, your company, ABC Project Management Team was hired (you get to choose a company/website) to improve their project management procedures. The company (your company) that hired ABC spent almost $750,000 to help increase sales, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Your job, as the project manager is to identify a company you believe would benefit from an improved project management techniques. You must improve the website of your choice. A proposal along with the below specifications must be met. Besides the paper, you will need to provide suggestions for enhancing project management operations. You must provide, in detail, why you made the improved recommendations. Please follow the below instructions to complete you assignment. Pick a company that could use improvement.

The first section, Analysis, is a summary of the company, its marketing environment, its main customer market, marketing mix and two or three of its major competitors. Tools such as Agile, Scrum, or Kanban may be applied. Primary and secondary research is expected.
The second section, Project Management should explain why its company or organization should increase and improve its project management activity, given the particular nature of its marketing environment. Remember, the rationale should increase or improve the current project management activity beyond the rationale for ABC Project Management Team.
A third section, Project Management Critique will explain the company/organizations operations and apparent project management activity. (Is the site easy to navigate, security issues, are the ad claims supported, etc.). Be sure to comment on the findings of ABC Project Management Team and how your team can improve upon the current environment of the website. This section should detail what the company’s project management priorities should be. Please be specific.
The final section is Recommendations of the company/organization’s project management activity. This should detail what the company’s project management priorities should be. As project managers, you must be able to decide how the company should proceed. A detailed implementation plan is NOT expected, but you should provide enough specifics to make the proposal substantial foundation for practical follow-up with the company. Again, is making recommendations, you are expected to draw on theories, concepts and readings.

The paper is due at the end of Week 7. Your paper must be 5-10 pages in length. In addition to the 5-10 pages of the paper itself, you must include a title page and a references page. Your title page must be in APA format. Your references must be written in APA citation style. You must cite a minimum of five (5) outside sources. All assignments must be completed and uploaded in a MS Word document for grading.

please note; This is just the guideline i already have the outline i just need you to follow from it and then write from the files i will upload.