Project one

The ACJS is committed to promoting equity in the criminal justice system. Create an information poster or visual aid that address all of the required elements:

•Explain how the court system in the United States works. Address the following questions in your explanation:

◦How do the three types of courts relate to each other?

◦How do courts provide checks and balances?

•Explain the functions and responsibilities of various members of the criminal justice system. You must address each of the following members:


▪Consider addressing some of the key issues or ethical factors a judge might encounter.


▪Consider including the impact of prosecutorial discretion on the court process.

◦Defense Counsel

▪Consider addressing the differences between public and private defenders and the role each plays in due process.

◦Allied Professionals

▪Consider including some of the following roles: court stenographer, probation officers, court clerks, and court deputies.

•Describe the role of various courts.

◦What is the role of the appeals courts? Include:

▪Local courts

▪State courts

▪Federal courts

◦What is the role of specialized courts?

•Describe the jurisdictions of different courts in the United States. Include each of the following:

◦Explain why different courts exist.

◦Provide an example of a different court.

◦Describe the importance of its jurisdictional difference.

◦Describe some of the issues that can arise from this jurisdiction.

▪You may want to consider:

▪Military courts

▪Native American courts or U.S. court jurisdiction over Native Americans