Psychology Research Paper

Format: 1600-2000 words approx., excluding title page or bibliography (approx. 6-8 pages of actual paper) typed and double-spaced, 12 point font, 1 margins, pages numbered, proper format for citations and bibliography. If thepaper goes over the limit (reasonably), this is OK.
1. Discuss Polemarchus theory of justice in the Republic AND one of Socrates refutations ofPolemarchus (either the refutation through error or the refutation through function) AND eitherParrys article or the excerpts from the Iliad. (this should be a total of 3 pieces of text)
2. Discuss Thrasymachus theory of justice and Socrates refutation of it through function. (you may also use Socrates refutation of Thrasymachus claims about the good life as additional material if you wish)
3. Discuss the theory of justice put forth by Glaucon and Adeimantus, AND the thought-experiment which results from it AND one of Socrates theories of justice in Book 4 (either the soul or the city); In the discussion, analyze whether Socrates theory of justice solves the problems raised by Glaucon and Adeimantus or not.
4. Analyze both theories of justice Socrates offers in Book 4 (of the soul and the city) in connection with(or by using) the Parmenides reading, specifically the journey and the way of truth.
The paper should deal only with the primary texts we are reading from our book or the handouts

All the topics involve Plato’s Republic: Polemarchus, Thrasymachus, Glaucon & Adeimantus, and Socrates are all characters in the Republic (also real people too though). 

Topic 1 requires part of Republic Book 1 (Polemarchus’ theory of justice plus Socrates’ refutations) plus Parry or Homer
Topic 2 requires only Republic, Book 1 (Thrasymachus’ theory of justice plus Socrates’ refutations)
Topic 3 requires only part of Republic, Book 2 (Glaucon’s and Adeimantus’ theory of justice plus Socrates’ initial response in Book 2)
Topic 4 needs Republic Book 4 (Socrates’ account of the just city or his account of the just soul) plus the Parmenides handout (posted in Readings–use the Cherubin version)