Assignment parameters:

APA format
2-3 pages
Title page not included in the page count
No abstract needed
Cite sources within your text
Resource page not included in the page count
Referring to the textbook and other reading/watching material is very important.
Please use the questions as headers for each of the answers.

Because middle childhood is such an important period of biosocial, cognitive, psychosocial, and spiritual development we need to be aware of how the world in which they live effects/affects their development. From the five (5) questions below choose three (3) to comment on. Remember that your comments should not be just your opinion but should include what you have learned in your text, other reading and viewing, and life experience.

Why do school shootings and other forms of school violence seem to be happening so often? Is it true that such events are more common today? Thinking about the various levels of prevention (primary, secondary, tertiary), what steps can be taking to prevent violence in schools?
How much blame, or credit, do parents deserve for their childrens development? Do parents really matter? Is it always better for children to be raised in a nuclear family?
Are parents today too overprotective of their children? Too permissive?
Are children today too busy with after-school activities?
What factors and experiences promote gender equality during middle childhood?