question for discussion

Read through the materials, and submit two questions that worthy for discussion. Please be specific about which part of the material makes you want to ask the question . You dont have to answer those questions, but those questions need to be thoughtful and deep thinking. 

for example:  a good question would be like 

In the article, good women are described as nurturing, emotional, and non–aggressive…passive, cooperative, chaste.Why do you think there is such a specific description and expectation for good women, and not good men? Do you think this is related to Eve’s fall to temptation in the book of Genesis, and how Eve is blamed for Adam’s fall to temptation as well?

why that is a good question?  It builds the question around a specific quote from the reading, rather than a vague, generalized statement. 
It also connects two readings together. Finally, it prompts a discussion that is interpretativerather than objective.