Racial Injustice

 This essay will require you to write an analysis of James Baldwin’s The Fire Next Time. You may choose to focus exclusively on a theme in the text that is unique to Baldwin, or you may wish to compare his text to Malcolm X’s “Black Revolution,” Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” or Carmichael’s 1966 Berkeley speech. Whatever option you choose, you should engage in detailed analysis of The Fire Next Time, taking into consideration Baldwin’s reasoning, assumptions, and rhetorical strategies.
What is the importance for Baldwin of love? How does he define love? Which of our earlier authors would find his ideas on this topic sympathetic? When and why?

What does Baldwin mean by “love,” and how is his definition different from our conventional understanding of this term?  You would need to find multiple quotes on love in Baldwin to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of this concept.  I’d suggest that love has at least two meanings in Baldwin.  The first type of love is found in the Black family (see the letter to James and some of Baldwin’s discussion of the Black church), and the other has to do with the responsibilities Baldwin sees on the part of “relatively conscious” Americans, particularly enlightened African Americans who have a grasp of reality.  It is possible to compare Baldwin with MLK on this point, but there is also the danger of taking on too much.  I’d recommend focusing exclusively on Baldwin.  If you choose to bring King into it, I’d recommend that you make sure that the primary focus is on Baldwin.

On this pages you can find good quotes to imrpove the essay 7, 71, 72, 85-6*, 95, 10