Reaction paper

A typed REACTION PAPER (50 points each) This assignment covers topics found in Chapters 6 -10. Use Great Basin College: Library – Library Databases ( DO NOT USE CHAPTERS IN THE TEXTBOOK! Papers should include a cover sheet, an abstract, two full pages of text that includes your summary and reaction and a reference page, margins no larger than 1 inch on all sides, font size no larger than 12. 1st page is to be a summary of the article, 2nd page is your reaction to the information presented. Papers will be discussed in class on due date. In each case, indicate author and source. You must also include a copy of the article with your paper. Papers must be typed; hand written papers will not be accepted, minus 10 points for brevity, minus 5 points for late papers. Please use the attached template. Your paper MUST be APA formatted. Use the template and the APA cheat sheet for assistance.