Read: ppt handout – sleep culture

There are many different cultures that a person belongs to across the lifespan. From the materials attached and reflecting on your own primary culture & other cultural components, you should now have an idea of the importance & significance culture plays in relation to your sleep – both the opportunities and barriers. Your job with image activity is to contemplate and share your view on Culture. You can select from any of the cultural topics explored in the attached materials.
READ: sleep and culture 2016.pdf
READ: The_effect_of_the_work_environment_on_fu.pdf
READ: sleep disparity, ethnicity and sex 2016.pdf
READ: PPT Handout – Sleep Culture
READ: PPT Handout M5.2 Beyond sleep culture.pptx
You are to 1. Post an image that represents your Culture, 2. Describe how you feel about the importance and impact of this culture on your sleep and resultant daytime functioning. 3. Do you believe it offers you good opportunities, healthy attitudes, & sleep-promoting habits, or do you feel it contributes to added challenges with your sleep – be specific. 4. Share a new perspective you have learned on how culture contributes to sleep health.
Your complete posting should be about roughly 2 pages (not including the image). Even though this is a discussion, please keep in mind, proper writing is expected (new paragraphs, punctuation, no abbreviations or “text speak”, clearly edited, free of grammar mistakes or misspellings, and APA cited if appropriate/necessary). Outline or bulleted formats are not acceptable. It should demonstrate your understanding of the materials for the week in question, concisely. Repeating yourself or “rambling” to reach word count will also count against your grade. You should not simply give a summary of the readings or lengthy quotes from the readings. Your work is to apply the readings and analyze and integrate what you are learning.

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