Reading Response 3 (“Understanding Genocide in California” and “The World War II Internment of Japanese Americans”)

PROMPT: After reading “Understanding Genocide in California under United States Rule, 1846-1873” and “The World War II Internment of Japanese Americans and the Citizenship Renunciation Cases,” provide a very brief summary of the readings followed by a longer, and more important analysis in which you discuss your understanding of the texts by connecting and comparing them with other personal experiences and/or current events. You should feel free to include one or two questions for class discussion, too. Your response should be 300-400 words long. 
Reading Responses are not summaries. Rather, they provide the space for you to discover, explore, connect, apply, and question how the ideas you read in the assigned texts relate to your classroom learning and your personal experiences/observations in the wider world. Learning is a process that involves self-reflection. So, while engaging the texts, you may also use your RRs to examine your habits of thought, identify your personal perspectives, and consider how you interpret experience and form opinions. RRs become a record of your growing ideas, and may assist you in developing your critical analysis essay.