(refection ) select a industry and anlayses.

 Activity 2 – Becoming an Industry Expert
The first step a Key Account Manager has to do, is become extremely knowledgeable about the industry
that the Key Account (the company he/she wants to do business with) is working in. Senior levels within
these Key Accounts will know their industry really well and you as a Key Account Manager are expected
to know it as well. This knowledge adds to your credibility and certainly helps develop your value proposition
which we will get into further along in this course.
The following is a brief list of industry sectors and companies in Canada which fall into these sectors but these
could be broken further down based on your key account’s area of expertise.

Industry Sectors                                                  Companies in Canada

Telus, Bell

Canfor, Interfor

Oil & Gas
Shell, Chevron

Best Buy, Starbucks

Provincial & Federal

Banking, Insurance
Royal Bank, ICBC

Mining (Natural Resources)
Teck Cominco, Goldcorp

Teekay Shipping

Research & Development
Ballard, Maxar Technologies 

Note that under Retail, Best Buy is listed. However, we could create a sub-sector called Electronics
which is more specific to this company.
Select an industry sector and research as much as you can about that sector focusing on the 
following points. Post your results to Assignments under “Module 2 Reflection”, and please keep your research
to less than 2 pages. If you are currently working for a company, you could select that industry
to do your research on.

Discussion Points:
* National/International Facts about the industry?
* News articles?
* Size of market, is it a growth industry?
* Overall revenue?
* Key companies in the sector?
* Other interesting facts?