Reflect on your own journey as a reader and writer.

Imagine that you are a leadership teamwork consultant. The newMay 13, 2022Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 3May 13, 2022


Reflect on your own journey as a reader and writer. Provide a three-sentence description of your literacy development at each stage of your life. The stages are Early Years, Elementary Years, Middle School Years, High School Years, and College Years. Clearly label each stage. In each stage, you may describe reading and writing experiences, favorite books, people who influenced your journal, and any other memories you may have.
Identify and describe the six approaches to reading provided in Chapter 2 of the textbook.
After watching the read-aloud of Thank You, Mr. Falker, write a response that describes how Mr. Falker gave the “gift” of literacy to Trisha. Then, explain how you can give the “gift” to your future students.
Share a Biblical worldview toward giving the gift of literacy to all students. Provide a reference from the Bible to support your response.

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